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Outcomes We Produce

We drive executive outcomes and purposeful actions

We cover the capabilities of the entire C-Suite. Typically, companies hire us for outcomes and not for our hourly billable time. Our services are free until we establish a clear value for your company. We begin with clearly defined outcomes to ensure your investment with us yields a tangible value in return.

Financial Management (CFO)

  • Financial strategy and planning

  • Performing critical financial and accounting functions during employee transitions

  • Profit improvement and cost management

  • Capital raising and debt restructuring

  • Compliance and risk management

  • Internal controls: review, design, implementation

  • Getting ready to be a public company

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • M&A Strategy and Planning

  • Financial analysis and valuation

  • Due Diligence and risk management

  • Deal negotiation and execution

  • Integration/post-merger support

  • ROI achievement

  • Technology and systems integration/transformation

Revenue & Operations Optimization (COO/CRO)

  • Process improvement and efficiency (Lean Six Sigma)

  • Sales and marketing strategy

  • Revenue growth and diversification

  • Revenue cycle management and optimization

  • Human resources and talent management optimization

  • Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementation

  • Client Lifecycle Improvement

  • Public/Private company compliance

Preparing for Acquisition/Exit

  • Financial and operations optimization

  • Financial reporting and controls

  • Business plan development

  • Management and organizational strategy

  • Intellectual property and legal matters

  • Marketing and brand positioning

  • Exit strategy and deal structure

Technology Strategy & Implementation (CTO)

  • Technology road mapping

  • IT strategy and digital transformation

  • Product innovation, architecture, and implementation

  • Cybersecurity and data protection

  • System integration and optimization

  • Emerging technology assessment and adoption

  • Public/Private company compliance

  • Cost / Spend Optimization of tech stack

  • Staffing / Culture planning / Culture Implementation

  • Remote Staffing Implementation / Optimization

Compliance Management

  • Financial reporting and internal controls

  • Corporate governance

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Risk Management

  • Data privacy and security

  • Public company compliance

  • Employee training and awareness

  • Forensic accounting and special investigations

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