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Our Ethos

Delta CxO: Your Catalyst for Transformative Success.


Delta CxO is a fractional c-suite boutique consultancy that embodies the spirit of change and continual improvement. Guided by the Greek letter delta, symbolizing transformation and progress, we ignite a new era of success for visionary organizations. The Delta is also represented by a triangle which is the strongest shape known. It represents our three partners and our belief that good planning, impeccable execution, and rigorous measurement drive long-term success.


At Delta CxO, we embrace the power of nature's organic forms combined with patient observation. Our seasoned experts, driven by a shared passion for unlocking potential, nurture your organization's growth. We offer strategic guidance, implement innovative solutions, and meticulously measure progress to ensure tangible outcomes.


Collaboration, trust, and a shared vision lie at the core of our transformative partnerships. As fractional c-suite experts, we seamlessly integrate with your leadership team, filling crucial gaps and propelling your organization forward.

Welcome to Delta CxO, where change becomes your catalyst for transformative success.

Spiral Staircase


Meet our Partners


Dean Ditto


Experienced CFO known for elevating financial functions, driving growth, and improving profits. Expertise in accounting, strategic planning, M&A, and talent development. Skilled in collaborating across business functions, recognized for results-driven leadership, and awarded for contributions to the industry.

Ray Thompson, Akerna COO - Main Headshot_edited.png

Ray Thompson


Results-driven executive with expertise in revenue and operational leadership for high-growth companies. Developed operational frameworks to align strategic vision with scalable operations, driving revenue growth and cost reduction. People-focused, excelling in creating high-performance teams and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning.


David McCullough


Accomplished IT professional with a strong track record in leading IT vision and capabilities for high-growth businesses. Skilled in identifying industry trends, translating requirements into solutions, and implementing project and business management frameworks. Proactive communicator and mentor, dedicated to building highly effective teams.

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